About Me

My name is Jennifer Hinton. My handsome husband Kurt and I have lived in West Sacramento with our three Smart, sweet children for about 12 years. Our oldest son Kai is in Maryland at the Naval Academy working towards his a degree in aeronautics. Andrew, our 14 year old is a freshmen in high school at West Campus Senior High school in Sacramento. Our youngest daughter Amanda is almost 13 and is in the 7th grade at the local g.a.t.e. school.

Some people were meant to crunch numbers, others to program computers. As for me, I know I was meant to work with children it just comes naturally to me. I have loved working with kids for as long as I can remember! I have worked in a commercial Daycare/preschool as a lead teacher, I have worked at our local elementary school as the nurse’s assistant. I was responsible for caring for the eight type one diabetic students! Because I loved taking care of the children at the school and I really enjoy learning about physiology I began school to become a nurse. Working as an intern I quickly realized I missed teaching. This brings us to where I am now. Doing what I absolutely love!

When I am not lesson planning, taxiing my kids to school and extracurricular activities I enjoy spending time with my husband and kids. I also enjoy researching my family tree, reading, painting and playing on my Ipad!